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Should I use vinyl flooring in a rental?


A common question asked to our team at KR Flooring by both landlords and property investors is what should be put on the floor which will not only look great, provide good floor protection, durability and water resistance yet also be affordable and keep the bank account smiling. 

Well... since we have been selling flooring within not just Auckland but the whole of New Zealand since 1964 we can safely conclude that sheet vinyl is the perfect solution! KR Flooring has one of New Zealand's largest ranges of vinyl flooring (and in particular sheet vinyl) and we regularly work with landlords, property investors and developers. Time and time again, vinyl flooring has been shown to be a great protective and long-lasting solution.

Vinyl flooring is also great in areas which encounter liquid or dampness, in fact, vinyl can be used in pretty much every room in your rental.

Whether you have short-term or long-term tenants we can all agree floor durability and function is important. Nowadays, vinyl flooring also comes in many on-trend and good looking designs - visit our showroom today or look at our website for inspiration and ideas. 

Vinyl flooring can also be cleaned very easily which means tenants can maintain the floor with ease. All it takes is a gentle sweep, vacuum and/or mop (with an approved cleaner). This ensures the sheet vinyl flooring will stay in tip top shape over the years, regardless of how clean the tenant is. 

Unlike some other forms of flooring, vinyl is not required to be sanded, polished or re-coated over time, which saves you time and money. If fact, if you do want a 'wooden plank look' vinyl, there are many great options available at KR Flooring, you get the wood look without all the maintenance and installation hassles of real wooden planks.

We can supply the vinyl flooring and also arrange our trusted team of installers to do the laying. No stress, and easy. KR Flooring offer free no obligation samples, measurements and quotes. Simply contact us with your requirements.

Feel free to visit our showroom at 721 Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland.

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